Stonegate Elementary School

Uniform Policy


We would like to remind you that the Board of Education adopted a district-wide uniform policy in May 2009 and the district policy will be strictly enforced.  The district uniform policy is as follows:


  • Boys:  Plain white or navy blue polo shirts with collar
  • Girls:  Plain white or navy blue blouses with collar (no scoop necked, vee- necked, or square necked blouses without collars)
  • Shirts or blouses with the Stonegate logo

Pants and Skirts

  • Navy blue or khaki pants (dark jeans do not meet the navy blue pant requirement)
  • Navy blue or khaki skirt, jumper, dress, or shorts (appropriate length which is just beyond finger tips when arms are extended at sides)   


Stonegate logo shirt




General Dress Code Guidelines

In order to promote a culture of safety and positive influences and to dissuade any potential influence and problems in our society and area associated with gangs or other safety issues, we will be following dress code guidelines at Stonegate Elementary School including the following:


  • Students may wear any school related clothing to school as part of the uniform policy.
  • Only bucket hats or “baseball” caps with no logo or writing or navy blue “beanies” are allowed to be worn for sun protection or protection from the cold.
  • Solid red, red/black, blue/black clothing or accessories (including belts, shoes, shoelaces, scarves, bandanas, caps, beanies, hoodies, jackets, etc.) that are affiliated with gangs or potentially associated with gangs are not allowed.
  • Extra long belts that hang outside the belt loops are not allowed.
  • Any clothing which advertises violence, alcohol, tobacco, or drugs (this includes musical artists who promote any of the above) is not allowed.
  • Professional team related clothing is not allowed unless it is a school sponsored spirit day. 
  • Slippers (and other soft soled shoes), pajama bottoms, and blankets are not allowed.
  • “Open-toed” shoes including sandals, flip flops, etc. are not allowed. 
  • “Spaghetti straps” (straps must be the width of two adult fingers), inappropriate clothing that is revealing or questionable including baggy/sagging pants, really short skirts/shorts (appropriate length is just beyond finger tips when arms and fingers are extended at sides), low cut tops, etc. are not allowed.
  • Jeans with slits, holes, tears, etc., above the mid-thigh area are not allowed.
  • “I LOVE BOOBIES”, “I Love doobiez” or any other bracelets, belts, etc. with questionable sayings or inappropriate words/profanity are not allowed.


In addition to being strictly enforced in conjunction with the uniform policy, these dress code guidelines apply to any “free” dress days including picture day, Read Across America Week, etc.  They also apply to those days “when life happens” such as when the laundry didn’t get done, the washing machine broke, the dryer broke, the student spent the night somewhere else, etc.

Complaint Procedures

Our school district and Board of Education is responsible for complying with state and federal laws and regulations governing educational programs.  These laws especially protect all individuals against discrimination.  "Unlawful discrimination against any protected group as identified under Education Code sections 200 and 220 and Government Code section 11135, including actual or perceived sex, sexual orientation, gender, ethnic group identification, race, ancestry, national origin, religion, color, or mental or physical disability, or age, or on the basis of a person's association with a person or group0 with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics in any district program or activity that receives or benefits from state financial assistance."

There is a procedure for making a complaint of this sort.  This is called a uniform complaint procedure.  We have information and flyers in the office if anyone is interested in knowing more about these procedures.

Uniform Complaint Procedures

Complaint Form

Williams Complaint Form