Stonegate Elementary School


Stonegate Mission

It is the mission of Stonegate Elementary School to ensure high levels of success and a lifelong love of learning for all students.  Through a variety of educational experiences, our students will become self-motivated learners and problem solvers.  We will provide a safe learning environment where highly-qualified faculty and staff work together with students, parents, and the entire school community to educate the whole child.

Stonegate Vision

Our student body represents the diverse culture of the West Sacramento Community.  Highly qualified teachers at Stonegate focus on superb lesson design centered on learning objectives that are aligned to the Common Core State Standards.  The staff analyzes test data frequently in order to provide a high quality program that addresses all student learning needs.  Students who are not meeting benchmark standards receive well-planned and research-based intervention lessons during the regular school day as well as opportunities before and after school.  The staff at Stonegate strive to provide all students with a safe learning environment that promotes a lifelong love of learning.